Corby Falls - A Synopsis

Corby Falls is about an entangled bequest. A very large donation is left by a local doctor to a township hospital provided it will carry his name. Not long after the bequest becomes public, a blog claims the doctor had killed his first wife. Newspapers echo the story. It is the novel’s protagonist, Miles Rueda, who is its unwitting source. Unexpected and dire consequences follow. The bequest is threatened, the largest employer in the township is about to close its doors, Miles is almost killed in a savage attack. He is forced to be a false witness in a pending defamation case. A murder affecting the proceedings takes place. Miles is at the center of it all and desperate. In his struggle to regain his balance he reaches an ethical dead-end.

Miles personal life is also entangled. He lives in Toronto and is recovering from a rather acrimonious divorce. Following a chance encounter, he embarks in a patchy and fragile affair. He has an ironic teenage daughter, Katelyn, whom he sees on weekends. Katelyn lives with his remarried ex-wife who plans to take her to Europe for several years. Miles is unwilling to let Katelyn go.

Miles happens to work in the aerospace industry, and a secondary storyline in the novel is about the politics around it and around him.

Although not a sequel, some characters from A Question of Return appear or are mentioned in Corby Falls as well.