A Question of Return - Advance Praise

“[It’s] been my pleasure reading and re-reading it over the past months … A terrific, compelling story … No matter where you end up you never really escape Russia … Not a mystery novel per se, but it manages to carry a sense of mystery over more than a hundred thousand words, and that is called Art.”

(Ken Alexander, freelance editor)

In A Question of Return, Robert Carr interweaves the dark forces of Stalinist Russia with the light of contemporary Canada. Naturally, the two narratives meet as they should and must, the former casting its long shadow over the latter. But these histories are personal too. When Russian émigré Art Laukhin falls for the incurably western Audrey Millay, the darkness of their own lives and memories casts a pall over what might have been a great romance. A Question of Return is a profound, rich, layered and compelling story, a must read.

(Joseph Kertes, awards-winning writer)